The only IoT platform purpose-built for

system integration

We broke the limits of IoT platforms so you can orchestrate any system or sensor in days Find Out How

We broke the limits of IoT platforms so you can integrate any system or sensor in days

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We interconnect all your apps so you can build more powerful solutions


We went wider so you can connect any system, device or protocol


We went deeper so you can self-configure any business logic


We made it super-configurable so you’ll never need our professional services
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Axonize is a full scale IoT orchestration platform that lets you easily tie-in data and business logic across applications, systems, sensors and protocols. Building a powerful IoT app is simple, because absolutely everything in Axonize is configurable and extensible, no professional services or devops needed for customization. Axonize also allows you to reuse business logic and other platform customizations in separate IoT apps, so you’re not starting from scratch every time.

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