• The company Who Is Axonize
  • Janiv Ratson CEO, Co-Founder
  • Shahar Peleg VP Marketing & Product
  • Omri Cohen CTO & VP R&D, Co-Founder
  • Shachar Levi Devices & Communication, Co-Founder
  • Amir Unger Architecture & Analytics, Co-Founder
  • Shaked Amar Frontend Development
  • Roi Aranyi Product Manager
  • Hagai Maya DevOps Development
  • Adi Ben Matitiau BackEnd Developer
  • Rotem Ben Tzur Project & Marketing Coordinator
  • Reut Mutain Customer & Marketing Coordinator
  • Ilan Kessler Executive Board Member
  • Eran Wagner Advisory Board, IoT Expert
  • Rafael Tzarfati Strategy & Branding
  • Orit Livnat Levi Digital Marketing
  • Avi Waserman Frontend Development
  • Anat Yogev Design & UX
  • Guy Lotershtein BackEnd Development

Axonize was founded by a team of IoT backend server experts that have connected over 25 million devices to backend servers that we developed for different IoT segments such as: smart energy management, smart security, smart homes and healthcare. After a while, we realized that we were developing the same server over and over again. No software engineers like to develop the same thing more than once. Therefore, we set out to come up with a single IoT server that could do “everything.”

Enter Axonize, the IoT server that will change how you think about IoT applications. With the most powerful business logic out of the box, including cross-application you can easily build all-powerful IoT applications. Using breakthrough architecture, we’ve created the most flexible IoT backend around. Our customers get a server that behaves just like a custom solution, without spending any resources on development. That’s because we’ve made Axonize completely open and configurable, so that it meets any need right out-of-the-box.



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