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Changes Applied
Remote health monitoring
It seems that everywhere you look these days, there is only one topic dominating the conversion – the Coronavirus. As we try to glance beyond the panick...
IoT Automation
Office well-being
IoT Technology

How data and technology are enhancing employee well-being

Today’s workforce is experiencing rapid change and transformation. People are connecting more, and connectivity now comes in many different forms.


No-code development
IoT Platform

Is no-code development a reality?

What is no-code development?
A no-code platform is one that uses a visual development environment to allow users to create apps, through methods such as…

Son of Obsidian theme - Visual Studio 2019
IoT Technology

Getting Son of Obsidian theme to run on Visual Studio 2019

Programmers are creatures of habit.
For me personally, one of those things that I am very particular about is getting the colors on my IDE just right. I…

Leases Standard
IoT Managed Service

IFRS 16 is the New Leases Standard that Affects Virtually All Businesses

The IASB recently published IFRS 16 – the new leases standard. It came into effect earlier this year. The big question that everyone is asking is, wh…

Axonize's Smart Building Holiday Offer
IoT Platform

Axonize Announces Smart Building Bundle Offer With Key Partners

Axonize continues to help business and building owners remain competitive by transforming their offices and retail locations into smart spaces. Axonize…

Smart Office
IoT Managed Service

Smart Office Does Not Translate To One Size Fits All

The likes of Google and Amazon began making waves in the ways businesses considered the design and structure of their workspaces long ago. In an effort…

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