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Last week, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we got a chance to meet with over 100 IoT service providers and system integrators from every corner of the world.  



We got a cross-industry deep look at the roadblocks to developing a scalable, repeatable and profitable IoT services business. Some of the challenges we’ve written about previously:

Axonize solves all of these, beautifully. We have answers to these and many more in our IoT FAQ.


However, at MWC, and in the months leading up to it, a business challenge came up often in our discussion with the service providers and system integrators.

While their customers are generally aware of IoT, they have no idea where and how to start implementing it. They don’t know which applications will yield the most benefits to their business. They’re not aware of which business challenges IoT can solve today.

Practically speaking, this means service providers and system integrators are playing a large role in jointly developing customer solutions. And they need to develop a huge IoT knowledge base, across industries and applications.


That’s where the Axonize IoT bundles come in.


We’ve analyzed our existing database of +350 successful projects and put together a quick start guides for successful IoT applications. We wanted to provide quick answers to questions like:

  • What is the value of specific IoT applications?
  • Which applications are most likely to hit customer pain points?
  • Which sensors should be used?
  • Do we need 3rd party integrations?
  • What are the connectivity requirements?


What is an IoT bundle:

It’s a guide to implementing a specific IoT project. It includes a detailed explanation of a single application including target market and value proposition. It also lays out the recommended sensors, connectivity needed, hosting, 3rd party integrations and estimated implementation time.

In some cases we’ve also included estimated costs and a demo.


Who is it for:

Service providers and system integrators who are interested in serving many customers, in many industries, with many types of IoT solutions


How to use IoT bundles:

  • As a basis for IoT project proposals that eliminate some of the research
  • Train your salesforce on the possibilities of IoT and what to pitch customers


If this sounds good, and you’d like your own set of IoT bundles, you need to contact us. This is not a download, you need to speak to someone on our sales team to get your very own tailored set of bundles.


So fill out the contact form or send us an email to hello @ and we’ll help you get a running start with IoT bundles!


Hit the Ground Running with IoT Bundles