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One of our most popular IoT applications over the past few months has been end-to-end supply chain visibility. We see 2 main customer types interested in this application:

  • The enterprise with a highly diverse supply chain that includes multiple vendors and transport types: They’re typically most interested in end-to-end monitoring and control. Their goal is to improve responsiveness to customer demands, increase efficiency and compete more effectively.
  • A solution vendor with a custom sensor for the supply chain/logistics market: This type requires a platform for their sensor, but seeks to easily integrate into their entire customer supply chain. They also need to get to market fast, with a full-featured platform, a tough feat when you are developing in-house.

The underlying goal is to take the entire supply chain and connect all of the components in a single centralized platform, while aggregating data into dashboards, rules, alerts and events from the various steps:  

Supply chain visibility


Some of the benefits of this type of solution are:

  • End-to-end monitoring and reporting on all shipment locations
  • End-to-end monitoring of KPIs to meet SLAs
  • Sending alerts and notification on shipment location
  • Sending alerts on deteriorating conditions
  • Cross-correlating shipment location with any other KPI 
  • Connecting a sensor in hours and having a full application ready in days
  • Monitoring, analyzing and having control over any type of 3rd party sensor or future system 

Learn how to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility with our solution paper Download Now <>