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Remote health monitoring
It seems that everywhere you look these days, there is only one topic dominating the conversion – the Coronavirus. As we try to glance beyond the panick...
IoT Automation
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IoT Technology

Full Throttle: A Look into the Autonomous Vehicle Industry     

According to, 100,000 “robotaxi” (self-driving) rides were provided by Lyft through February 2020. Out of these rides, 98% of the p…

IoT Technology

The Bigger, Better & Faster Future of 5G

With the need for mobile networks to become bigger, better, and faster, it is inevitable these types of networks will need to be elevated. The presence…

IoT Automation

The Post COVID-19 Workplace

One of the most noticeable shifts in society due to the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred in the professional realm. Although many corporations have shift…

Office well-being
IoT Technology

How data and technology are enhancing employee well-being

Today’s workforce is experiencing rapid change and transformation. People are connecting more, and connectivity now comes in many different forms.


No-code development
IoT Platform

Is no-code development a reality?

What is no-code development?
A no-code platform is one that uses a visual development environment to allow users to create apps, through methods such as…

Son of Obsidian theme - Visual Studio 2019
IoT Technology

Getting Son of Obsidian theme to run on Visual Studio 2019

Programmers are creatures of habit.
For me personally, one of those things that I am very particular about is getting the colors on my IDE just right. I…

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