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We’ve been talking all year about agile IoT development, a concept we strongly believe in, having been part of both ‘waterfall’ and agile R&D organizations.

For our own platform, we roll out new features on a weekly basis. I thought I’d share some features from our latest release cycles for this first post of 2018. I’m really excited about some of the capabilities we’ve added! I think these can help push orchestration forward in your organization this year, but you can read on and judge for yourself.


Send Command to Any Web-Service

My favorite new Axonize feature is being able to send a command to any web-service when a rule is triggered. With this capability you can take automatic action on any service, system or sensor that can be accessed by a web-service. This is crucial for breaking down the silos!


Dashboard Builder

Our dashboard builder is also evolving nicely. You can build as many dashboards as you need for stakeholders and applications. Fully configurable click, drag-and-drop dashboard builder with lots of customized widgets and more coming all the time.


Group Calculations

Data analytics and insight have just gotten a whole lot more sophisticated with Group Calculations. You can create readings as a result of custom calculations performed on device readings in a group. This is extremely powerful as you then can act on these calculated readings in the rules engine and reach insights on them with the analytics capabilities.


Multi-App Feature

And of course there’s our Multi-App feature, which is unique to Axonize. Axonize is the only platform that allows you run and manage as many applications within the same platform. Meaning, if you have separate applications, you have a ‘master’ application layer connecting them, analyzing and acting on all of the ‘sub’ applications.

This enables you to connect separate applications and create cross-application and analytics and rules. It’s also our enabler for agile implementation, since you can start with any app, anywhere in the org and grow it.


This is just a subset of our latest releases, some more details and unique features can be found on our platform page.

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