There are roughly 400 IoT platforms. Of those, fewer than 20 platforms are full service platforms like ours. The others only offer a small portion of all our features.


That’s why, in 2017, we’ve decided to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


We’re not going to keep telling you what’s different about us. We’re going to show you!


We’re giving away 10 4-day trips, all-inclusive, to Tel-Aviv Israel.


The lucky system integrators who win the trip will get hands-on training on Axonize, with plenty of time left to enjoy the beaches of Tel Aviv. By the time they leave, they’ll have a live working project to show a customer.


That gives us 4 days to show you how much faster it is for system integrators to develop IoT projects on Axonize. You’ll also see how much easier it is to sell projects, develop PoCs, scale, and much more.


We’ve scrapped everything previously known about developing platforms in favor of a brand-new architecture that supports system integrators needs: to start small, scale fast and win big. You’ll experience the difference yourself if you win a trip to our spring workshop.


See the full details and sign up for the #iotlvsun free 4-day trip to Tel Aviv.


Here’s to an action-filled 2017!

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