If you’re like many other system integrators we talk to, you want in on this big new thing called IoT. You add some sensors, connect them, throw in some rules and dashboards and bam, you’ve multiplied your customer’s productivity and efficiency.

But when you start thinking about practically building a business around IoT, that’s when things get a bit tricky. You’re not interested in doing one-off projects, but would rather build repeatable businesses that will scale.

Most of system integrators that we speak to are solving this problem in one of two ways:

  1. They limit themselves to a single solution offering to a single industry
  2. They limit themselves to a specific technology


What if I told you neither of these is really necessary?

Today, there are solutions that enable you to eliminate limits on:

  • Sensors, devices and protocols.
  • Business logic, meaning that custom rules are always configurable within the system.
  • Cross-application connectivity, meaning you can start your customer off with a small app and connect them all down the line.
  • Development. Everything should be done in one platform without professional services, meaning you get to use your engineers only for the complex stuff that is unique to the customer.

Are you placing limits on your IoT practice? It may be time to stop.

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