• How Companies today are Achieving End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

These days, one of our most popular IoT applications is end-to-end supply chain visibility.

These two main customer types may be interested in this application:

  1. The enterprise with a highly diverse supply chain that includes multiple vendors and transport types. They’re typically most interested in end-to-end monitoring and control.
    • Their goal is to improve responsiveness to customer demands, increase efficiency and compete more effectively.
  2. A solution vendor with a custom sensor for the supply chain/logistics market.
    • This type requires a platform for their sensor, but seeks to easily integrate into their entire customer supply chain. They also need to get to market fast, with a full-featured platform, a tough feat when you are developing in-house.

The underlying goal is to take the entire supply chain and connect all of the components in a single centralized platform, while aggregating data into dashboards, rules, alerts and events from the various steps.  

Supply chain visibility


Some of the benefits of this type of solution are as follows:

  • End-to-end monitoring and reporting on all shipment locations
  • End-to-end monitoring of KPIs to meet SLAs
  • Sending alerts and notification on shipment location
  • Sending alerts on deteriorating conditions
  • Cross-correlating shipment location with any other KPI 
  • Connecting a sensor in hours and having a full application ready in days
  • Monitoring, analyzing and having control over any type of 3rd party sensor or future system 


Benefits that IoT Platforms Provide

Here’s the good news – it’s not just an idealization, it’s ready and available, now! This orchestration is achievable and easy to implement, in mere days, with Axonize’s disruptive IoT technology.

In an industry where the average application development takes 6-18 months and countless engineering resources, Axonize enables enterprises to launch a full IoT project in 6-18 days with minimal engineering resources to create a scalable and repeatable smart building system.

The IoT platform can handle any sensor in any protocol and integrate any system.

Enterprises often start with a single building, where introducing efficiencies is most critical for customer satisfaction or profitability. They then begin to scale, gradually expanding at their own pace, to any smart building or service they would like to provide their customers. The benefits are felt quickly, at which point buildings and services can all be “smartified,” as profitability grows, leading to positive ROI results.

It’s a win-win situation. Enterprises can now manage more effectively, saving time and efforts all around, and their “smart” buildings businesses are running like clockwork, increasing profits while decreasing expenditures.

There are dozens of IoT platforms. How are you going to choose the right platform for your needs? Check out this eBook where we lay out the top questions to ask before making a decision. We cover everything from performance to ease of implementation to security.


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