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How can your business run a leaner, more efficient data center with unified infrastructure management? With the demands on data centers continuing to grow due to the multiplying of data and devices, downtime is becoming costlier. What’s a Data Center Manager to do? Leave no stone unturned in the search for more reliability and greater efficiency, or in the case of the data center, leave no device unconnected.

Leave No Device UnconnectedManaging data center infrastructure provides a wealth of opportunities to reduce costs while increasing uptime. However, despite the great promise of infrastructure management, connecting every device is challenging these days, and partial infrastructure connectivity will result in limited optimization opportunities.

The typical data center has dozens of sensors from various manufacturers, that use different protocols and data structures. You may be using security sensors to monitor doors and glass breakage, temperature and humidity sensors, flood detection, energy consumption monitoring and more. Adding to the complication, data center management software can be from an entirely different vendor. Even a typical DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) can’t connect all of the systems and software running in the data center, and implementing cross-vendor connectivity is a costly and lengthy effort.

Holistic Infrastructure Management Solution

All of these factors make it quite challenging to see a holistic view of server room infrastructure. But gaining a single command and control view of the data center can yield many optimization opportunities. Once you can cross-utilize data from the HVAC and sensors placed throughout the racks, you can reduce cooling expenses or increase space utilization. Security sensors connected to a dashboard with real-time alerts can reduce the need for security personnel. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A holistic infrastructure management solution offers numerous ways to conserve energy, improve utilization, perform predictive maintenance and increase uptime.

While cross-sensor/cross-vendor connectivity used to be a lengthy and costly effort that was difficult to financially justify, a new class of vendor-agnostic orchestration platforms can break the sensors/ systems out of their silos and offer unified data center infrastructure management with a high ROI.

Axonize – The All-in-One Orchestration PlatformAxonize is an orchestration platform, designed to connect any system or sensor in a matter of mere days. It serves as a single monitoring platform for all your data center infrastructures, providing more comprehensive protection for your servers. It’s simple and inexpensive to set-up, and is guaranteed to scale to any infrastructure you decide to add now and in the future.

Want to learn more about how companies today are running a leaner and more efficient data center? Download this comprehensive white paper to find out what your infrastructure management platform should look like, and to learn the differences between an orchestration platform and a DCIM, and the benefits of each.