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Unlocking, Extracting and Analyzing Data through the Power of IoT Solutions

Executive Summary MEGLA, one of the leading IoT solution providers in Germany, is looking to innovate IoT solutions for existing and new customers who need to access data from their POC and field devices, using Axonize’s IoT platform.

About the Client MEGLA is a leading IoT service provider in Germany, providing their customers with IoT solutions, system integration and software development across various industries. They bring over 25 years of professional, IT project management, predictive maintenance and IoT experience to the digitization table.

MEGLA’s line of work involves the execution of strategic IoT solutions and bringing new IoT value for their current customers as well as new customers who are interested in implementing IoT and increasing ROI.

The Challenges One of the challenges MEGLA faces is the extraction of data. Many of their customers simply cannot access and analyze their data, due to old technology, sensors and devices, keeping the valuable data locked inside. They need an IoT solution that will access, unlock and share the data in an easy-to-use way.

They also require the technology that will help them identify the various types of IoT needs their customers have in order to provide them with the IoT solution that will best fit their business. Their customers’ needs range from property management to redesigning and integrating equipment, so it’s an immense challenge, dealing with a wide variety and number of sensors to centralize the data in one system, with easy access to the data.

The Solution With MEGLA’s long-term plan, they are able to provide IoT solutions to all their customers across all industries, by connecting any type of sensor – from the simple to complex – to the Axonize platform. Even old sensors, without internet access, were connected to IoT gateways, with the ultimate goal of data extraction.

Customers began experiencing the full benefits of the platform, using tools such as the dashboard and alarms. The Axonize dashboard allows customers to easily analyze the data in many different ways, using various widgets and alarms.

“The alarms are such a great tool. Anyone who can control a smartphone, can use Axonize – because it’s so easy and straightforward. The Axonize platform makes our customers very happy because it’s so easy to use.”
– Christian Nowak, Business Area Manager Industry 4.0, MEGLA GmbH

MEGLA’s future plans include evaluating all products, with the final goal of reaching a one-to-one (1:1) device/customer ratio instead of the fifty-to-one (50:1) it currently has. By employing Axonize’s scalable technology, they can begin working on that reachable goal in a short time frame, scaling to smaller businesses while using low-cost gateway and sensors.

Why Axonize?MEGLA was looking for a “dashboard solution” platform that is easy-to-use, contained many widgets and provided the solution their customers needed. After many frustrating experiences with other companies, Axonize was the clear choice – containing the solution to everything they needed.

For MEGLA, one of the initial benefits of the Axonize IoT platform is the ability to create mutual devices/sensors, which immediately show their customers what the solution will look and feel like. This not only helps convince their customer to use the platform, but gives them a greater idea of the capabilities the platform has.

Other important features of the Axonize platform that came into play were: short development time, many widgets, top-notch support and the capabilities of the platform, itself.

“Time is money. The ability to scale, very quickly and time efficiently is what it’s all about. Axonize unleashes your data so you can achieve your goals very quickly.”
– Christian Nowak, Business Area Manager Industry 4.0, MEGLA GmbH

To learn more about the Axonize IoT platform and how it can help your company meet all your IoT needs in just days contact us today.

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