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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining Dr. Ingo Hofacker, Senior VP of IoT at T-Systems, Dr. Felix Wunderer, VP IoT Products & Services and other members of the Deutsche Telekom IoT leadership team as well as senior executives from Bezeq for a few action-packed days in Israel. We spent the time visiting customers, developing business at the Axonize office, and talking about Bezeq’s journey as a customer-centric IoT service provider.

Among the happy customers we visited:

  • A school system in a medium sized Israeli city. They wanted to increase the energy efficiency of their pre-schools and schools. Each location was equipped with a smart outlet that monitored energy consumption from the A/Cs and projectors. The system sends alerts when electricity is consumed during off-hours and can even initiate remote shut-down, whether manually or automatically.  Interestingly, during the first day of installation, a teacher accidentally left the A/C on. The platform immediately alerted the maintenance department, and they were able to shut the A/C down remotely. City officials told us there is a clear positive ROI on the project.
  • Next we went to see the operation of one of Israel’s leading catering companies. They run a large refrigeration operation, with separate units for different types of raw foods, finished product, freezers and more. Each refrigerator is equipped with temperature, humidity and door open/close sensors to prevent costly food spoilage and meet food safety regulations. The rules, alerts and settings are configured separately for each refrigerator. The entire location is also equipped with safety sensors like flood and smoke detectors.
  • Another interesting use case we saw was a digitized IT room. This one was at a large architecture firm that had digitized the entire server room. They installed door sensors on the server cabinets as well as on the door to the room. Of course, room temperature is a critical one in server rooms. They also have safety sensors set-up including glass breaking, smoke and flooding. They are quite happy with their investment since about a week into the project the room flooded and they were able to receive a timely alert and avoid damage to their very expensive equipment!  

At the Axonize office we managed to grab a couple of the senior executives to share their thoughts about the Axonize platform, and its value to service providers:

Gil Rosen, Bezeq’s Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, gave a fascinating talk about how selling IoT applications impacted Bezeq’s customer relationships. In a nutshell – and we will expand on this in a subsequent post – the conversations salespeople are having with their customers are shifting dramatically. Sales need a deep understanding of their customer’s business in order to to sell IoT projects, which they didn’t have when they were selling data and connectivity. This is leading to much stronger, more impactful customer relationships, where Bezeq is clearly adding value.

To wrap it up I just want to share the beautiful post Amit Keren, Managing Director of DT Israel shared after the visit. He wrote so eloquently, I won’t rephrase: