Axonize Named One of 10 Best IoT Solution Providers in 2019

The Axonize team

We are excited to be named one of the 10 best IoT solution providers of 2019 by CIO Bulletin. CIO Bulletin is a leading leadership platform that serves as a resource for all things – Business, IT, Innovation and Entrepreneur – related.

Changing the Status Quo

One of the reasons that Axononize was chosen as one of the best IoT solution providers is due to Axonize’s innovative technology, which is changing the status quo.

CIO Bulletin states that, “IoT platforms today are expensive, complex, lengthy and resource-demanding, and have remained the same for a long time. Huge teams of developers are needed to develop code for each business, which makes scaling and profiting very difficult. “But a company based out of Tel Aviv, Axonize, is changing this.

Because Axonize was founded by Janiv Ratson and a team of ‘fed up’ IoT experts, they were motivated to set out to create something new with these ‘fed up’ feelings. “The idea was to go beyond just smart products. They were inspired to create smart enterprises for service providers.”

Scaling, Pioneering and Working with Giants

Other reasons for the prestigious honor has to do with Axonize’s ability to scale quickly and easily. The technology enables the orchestration and monitoring of customers, anywhere from just one to multiple companies, from a single dashboard.

Revolutionizing IoT projects, Axonize has launched 1,322 projects in a year with an average implementation time of just 5 days. “Axonize seems to be THE company that has cracked the code when it comes to turning in IoT profitability.”

And as far as working with industry giants, Axonize tackles that challenge one company at a time. The Axonize/Deutsche Telekom partnership has evolved into a strategic and innovative collaboration, where together they have built a key platform that sits on Microsoft Azure. Other industry giants include: Groupe Tera, Singtel and Bezeq, just to name a few.

If you’d like to read the article in its entirety, head over to CIO Bulletin and learn more about the Axonize IoT platform.  

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