Another Big Win for Axonize & Deutsche Telekom

As more and more companies begin to see the connectivity power that Axonize’s IoT platform brings, more and more businesses are experiencing the advantages and benefits. One of our partners, Deutsche Telekom, recently talked about the benefits of their partnerships with Axonizie and how the platform is helping bring in new customers.

Connected Things Hub

Deutsche Telekom is a giant when it comes to telecom companies in the world. With nearly 200 million customers in 50 countries, they show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. With their Axonize partnership, they are looking to dominate the IoT industry as well.

Using the Axonize platform as a white label (Connected Things Hub), they are able to support companies in storing, processing, analyzing and visualizing data, while their clients have the ability to develop and implement IoT pilot projects in matters of days. Connecting sensors are involved in tasks such as monitoring of cold chains, optimization of finding and managing parking-spaces and tracking of vehicles while collecting large quantities of data, in real time. Using the Connected Things Hub, Deutsche Telekom can now implement IoT solutions very quickly, with low initial investments, attracting new IoT projects and clients.

IoT in Action for Special-Machinery Production

With the IoT platform in place, Deutsche Telekom recently added Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik to their client list as one of the first companies to use the platform.

The company, which specializes in sorting and conveying/feeding machinery (especially customized systems), will be able to automatically analyze sensor data from its production machines and use it for predictive maintenance. The company’s plans call for millions of measurements to be analyzed via the platform. This will reduce production disruptions for its customers.

Claas Curland, Chief Executive Officer at Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik, had this to say about the benefits of the Axonize platform: “We can eliminate problems before they occur. This will give us a significant competitive advantage. We will be able to identify any machinery components that are at risk of failure, and then carry out targeted, timely, preventive maintenance. What’s more, we will be able to order required parts just in time, without having to keep them constantly in stock.”

Benefits for Deutsche Telekom’s Customers

Along with Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik’s machinery production, additional Deutsche Telekom clients are benefiting from the platform’s IoT solutions with: quick implementation process, low initial investment, scalability, compatible with a wide range of terminal devices, cloud-based on Microsoft Azure and more.

Another great benefit for Deutsche Telekom is that companies only pay for their actual use and profit from fast set-up and integration. This is a big selling point, in bringing on new customers.

The Axonize platform has full dashboard functionality, with customizable rules, alerts, and notifications, which can be set according to the customer’s needs. Efficiency and time-management are brought back into play with the implementation of the dashboard.

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