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Alarm Instances Endpoints

An Alarm Instance is usually created by a Rule. Rules are defined using the Rules/Post endpoint.

When the conditions of a Rule are met, an Alarm Instance is created. A list of Alarm Instances can be retrieved using the Alarm Instances/Get endpoint or viewed in the Axonize Portal in .

An example of a Rule that creates an Alarm Instance is when the Temperature of a Device named Refrigerator #7 goes over 40°, then an Alarm Instance is created by the Axonize Rule Engine indicating the name of the Device, details about the event and the Alarm Instance’s severity among other types of information about the event.

Note ‒ The conditions of when an Alarm Instance is created are defined in a Rule, not in the Alarm Instance itself. The Alarm Instance typically reports on the conditions of a Device at the time the Alarm Instance was triggered.

Note ‒ The creation of an Alarm Instance is only one of the types of actions that can be triggered by a Rule when its conditions are matched.

Axonize provides a variety of endpoints for handling Alarm Instances, as follows: