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  • Rules, events & trigger 

    Define and run your rules across multiple projects and actions. Add system events and triggers according to any system parameter. You can run single or batch commands and complex scripts according to device triggers, 3rd party service triggers or scheduled execution.




  • Localization 

    Localize, translate and add time zone normalization & adjustments. Set specific rules and alerts per location.

  • Usage behavior monitoring 

    Track, report and set alerts on user behavior and usage across geography, device or any other parameter.

  • Hierarchical user management 

    Quickly and easily add users, group them and assign permissions and access rights. Create parent/child hierarchies to support both your customers and your internal teams.

  • Machine learning algorithm 

    Use advanced machine learning algorithms to identify problems and prevent them before they happen.

  • Subscription management and billing 

    Offer your customers subscription-based and other payment models for your service..