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Axonize New features for orchestrating systems and sensors and easily customizing rules, actions and dashboards are being rolled out on a weekly basis. Here are some of the latest improvements in our platform:


  • Compare and correlate readings and events from different sensors and systems on the same chart. Gain more insights from your data!
    Axonize IoT Platform Highlights 1
  • Compare and correlate readings and events across different time selections on the same chart. This allows you to gain insights to performance over time.
    Axonize IoT Platform Analytics Time Comparison
  • Added heatmap charts. The heatmap allows you to get a quick – at a glance – overview of the behavior of your sensor selected time periods.
    Axonize IoT Platform Analytics Heatmap



  • Auditing capabilities. The auditing feature allows administrators and users to track system activity and trace back changes. Audits automatically tracks all changes in devices, rules, applications and users, but doesn’t track changes in the dashboard.
    Axonize IoT Platform User Audit


Rules Engine

  • New action: Send a command to a device when a rule is triggered. With this capability you can automatically act on any reading or event originating from any device on any other device.
    Axonize IoT Platform Rules Command
  • New action: Send a command to a web service when a rule is triggered. With this capability you can take automatic action on any service, system or sensor that can be accessed by a webservice. This is crucial for breaking down the silos in your organization.
    IoT Platform Highlights - Rules Web Server Command


Dashboard Builder

  • Powerful dashboard builder that with just a few clicks and drags allows you to build and customize as many dashboards as you need for your stakeholders and applications.
    IoT Platform Highlights - Dashboard Editing
  • Fully customized widgets types are constantly being added.
    IoT Platform Highlights - Customized Dashboard


Group Calculations

  • Create readings as a result of custom calculations performed on device readings in a group. This is extremely powerful as you now can act on these calculated readings in the rules engine and reach insights on them with the analytics capabilities.
    Axonize IoT Platform Highlights - Analytics Functions

Multiple Applications

  • Axonize is the only platform that allows you run and manage as many applications within the same platform. Meaning, if you have separate applications, you have a ‘master’ application layer connecting them, analyzing and acting on all of the ‘sub’ applications.
    IoT Platform Highlights - Dashboard Editing