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Smart Building

Smart Buildings

Transform your building into a smart building and start monitoring and analyzing each building from one centralized location with all customer requirements being handled on one platform.

Capture data, improve service quality, increase productivity, reduce overhead costs and increase ROI within months. Record, analyze and evaluate elements of your building while monitoring the quality of your building’s parameters at all times. Equip each smart building with a diversity of sensors and devices, including new facilities with a variety of systems and sensors. And gain immediate value by integrating your existing systems with your current smart building sensors.

Smart Retail

Smart Retail

With our smart retail end-to-end solution, you can now sensibly capture data, improve service quality and reduce costs using space and resources in the best and most efficient way possible. Map out scenarios such as space monitoring and comfort monitoring in their entirety or in a modular way. Create completely new levels of added value and service opportunities for even happier customers and a higher cost-saving potential.