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The Demand for Smart Buildings
The pressure to invest in intelligent facilities and leverage the latest IoT technologies is a key driver for companies today. Add to that the scope of col...
Smart buildings and offices
White Paper

Exploring smart buildings and offices in the era of digital transformation

The typical utilization rate of office space is just 39%. Smart building and office opportunities such as workspace occupancy sensing can help companies f…

Smart Building Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Expert Advice from T-Systems to Make Your Buildings Smarter

Smart building technology continues to evolve and its uses are creating unparalleled opportunities for facility managers and service providers alike. In Ju…

Smart Building

onDemand: Deep Dive Demo into Smart Buildings

In May, we explored the exciting possibilities and benefits that exist when IoT is applied to buildings. An additional orchestration layer can offer insi…

Orchestration Guide
White Paper

Setting your data free with a complete guide to IoT orchestration

Lack of expertise in implementation, concerns about interoperability and unclear ROI detectability, and you’ve got a lot of hurdles to overcome.
So, what…

Ask Questions Before Selecting an IoT Platform

Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Selecting an IoT Platform

There are dozens of IoT platforms. How are you going to choose the right platform for your needs?
In this eBook, we:

Dive into the three main types of IoT…

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