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If a system integrator wants to develop a significant repeatable IoT business, they’re going to have to scale. They’ll need the capacity to launch projects within days, using minimal resources and minimizing or eliminating engineering hours. Projects will have to have shorter cycles and higher win ratios. We built Axonize specifically for these needs, breaking down the IoT project cycle and making Axonize the ultimate platform for every step on the way.

10 Steps To Winning More IoT Projects With Axonize

  1. Identify Opportunities Go after any industry, any customer, any device, with no limits at all.
  2. Pitch a VisionPresent a powerful solution that matches your customer’s dream. Yet start small, with something your client can say yes to today.
  3. Propose a SolutionWith no technical limitations, your proposal can meet all your customers’ requirements.
  4. Proof of ConceptShow, don’t tell. Spend just a few hours setting up a PoC demo that will let your customer experience your solution firsthand.
  5. Present a ProposalChoose the exact devices that meet your spec and cost. You’ll be able to offer a fast development cycle, knowing you won’t need external and expensive resources to fulfill the project. And you can propose the first step, but have a compelling end vision that maximizes the end user’s benefits from the IoT investment. You’ll be able to scale to it later.
  6. BuildIt should take 2-5 non engineers just a short time to complete building the project.
  7. DeployThere are no servers to deploy or software to install. Once you configure the app, you’re immediately up and running all the time.
  8. SupportEasily train your customers so they quickly become self-sufficient, and save on support calls. Monitor the health of your applications with your own dashboard and alerts. You can also use cross-application analytics to learn which devices are functioning well and which are less reliable.
  9. Modify/Expand
    1. Give your end customer some permissions to modify the app on their own. Or, if you need to change the business logic, it’s easy to do on Axonize, without any need for professional services.
    2. If you need to expand to any new application or connect additional devices, you can, no problem. In fact, you can keep making the application more powerful with cross-application rules and actions. And of course, you can scale to as many devices, rules & actions as you need on the Axonize cloud, seamlessly.
  10. Win the Next ProjectGo do it again, in any industry, using any device. But this time the project will be on the same platform. That means you can copy & paste any previously developed resource, and you won’t need to set up any devices that you’ve previously used. That’s a significant shortcut to the next PoC and project!

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