Use Cases

  • Happy fans spend more in the new smart stadium
  • Save your supermarket customers thousands of dollars in lost food goods
  • Save the convenience store fridge!
  • A family-owned hotel tracks & recovers 100% of loaner equipment
  • Fast Food Chain Achieves 27% Energy Savings

A smart app provides faster parking & entry as well as walletless, queue-free shopping


Win Built Scale
  • Build a mobile app for VIP customers directing them to free parking spots and shorter entrance queues
  • Expand the app usage to all stadium visitors
  • Start delivering food and beverages to the seats
  • Increase revenue by delivering targeted ads in the stadium and mobile app
  • Make it fun by displaying fan generated content on screens and in the app


What did your last game day look like? You and a friend scored a pair of VIP tickets. Your friend asked you to pick him up 2.5 hours before the game. Why? The drive and lots of extra time to find a parking spot and get through the ticket queues. Even leaving that early, you arrived just in time to grab a drink and mingle before kickoff. Is that really how the stadium should treat its VIP customers?

What about the rest of the fans?



There are so many things you can do in the smart stadium, but let’s start with making the fans happy. Specifically the VIP fans.

Your mobile app is the key to a seamless, walletless experience in the stadium. It will provide fans with everything they need, and they’ll use it for everything starting with stadium parking all the way to fan purchases.

Smart stadiums typically deploy a dense network of WiFi access points which can be used to triangulate user location. Start with mapping and directing fans through an online app – to free parking spots, and shorter ticket queues. Install parking spot sensors and reserve a tier of spots for VIPs. Install cameras to monitor ticket queues and direct guests to the shorted queue nearby. Entrance will be ticketless, using the mobile app.

Smart Stadium Use Case


Once you’ve successfully improved the VIP fan experience, it’s time to take care of all the other fans. The parking spot and queue optimization can easily be extended to the rest of the fans with a few more parking and queue sensors and by allowing them access to these mobile application features.

This is the right time to start monitoring additional queues – for restroom and concession stand lines – and integrate that data into the mobile app as well.

The better user experience will result in increased revenues, and improved parking lot efficiency, but let’s turn to increasing revenue further.

You can let fans order concession items from their seats to avoid concession queues with a mobile shop and cashless payment. You can also add an in-app merchandise shop, with on-premise pickup or shipping to the fan’s house. Location-based ads can improve concession and merchandising sales. The app itself can be used to deliver targeted ads to fans, adding an entirely new revenue stream to the stadium.



Fan satisfaction? Check. Increased revenue? Check. Now it’s time to make the whole experience more fun. You can use sensors to detect cheering fans and show them on monitors throughout the stadium, or post to a fan page on the app or website. You can also allow fan user generated content. Games with friends are even better, you can help friends find each other on your map.